Coffee Dates

Hi Women at Hope,
What is this whole coffee thing, you ask?  

Well, coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant.  Oh wait…not what you are looking for?  This whole coffee DATE thing is really for any woman who just wants to talk to somebody.  Whether you have questions about God, questions about Hope, you’re wanting to learn more about the different ministries we have, or you just want to know someone who goes to Hope, THIS coffee thing is for YOU. 

Why get coffee with us?  Because WE ACTUALLY WANT TO MEET YOU.  Believe it or not, no one makes us do this.  The women in these profiles really do want to get to know you, exchange stories, and help you feel connected to this big community at Hope.  We strongly believe that God thinks you are incredibly important, so we want to listen and encourage you any way we can.

So let us buy you a cup of coffee.  Let us be a familiar face on a Sunday morning.  Let us help you find a place where you want to serve.  And let us remind you that you are more valuable than you will ever know.

Bekah W(

Laura K. (

Jordan (

Kurty (